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I am Mr VERIZON TAB solutions to many TABS' CHALLENGES. Let me introduce myself right away:

Many people have different pads that are merely decoration, because they can't move documents around from between their laptops and their pads, and because they can't use the same applications on both devices. There is a big market for an effective pad, that has capacity to substitute your laptop, substitute your phone, give you access to your email and social media sites, and also be used for presentations, entertainment and more. This welcomes you to A2W's Verizon Tab.

Now imagine if you can have a tablet that will have USB so you can copy files in and out with flash drive and even connect external hard drive to it.

Imagine if you can work on the go e.g. create, edit and view Excel/Word/PowerPoint documents, view your AutoCAD drawing on the go and print wirelessly.

Imagine if you can insert GSM SIM card in the same tablet and make phone calls, send SMS, chat with Skype Video and browse anywhere.

Imagine you can connect it directly to your TV via HDMI cable that comes with it, imagine you can charge it with your blackberry charger and car charger. Imagine you can copy files directly from your laptop. Also imagine that it comes bundled with child educational applications and games, so your son or daughter can have a go at it as well.

What if you can even watch DSTV live, African magic, CNN, Super sport 3 and many more on the same device without paying for new subscription.

Imagine that you can use an Internet modem with the device as an additional internet source, and convert the internet asset into an internet hotspot for 5 other computers.

Imagine if the tablet is very affordable, and best of all, imagine that it comes with a Business Pack application that gives you a personalized website, a tracking centre, online marketing tools and an opportunity to earn extra income from building a business with the device.

Package Inclusions:

    The Verizon Tab (7.1inches, 8GB memory, Android Ice-Cream)
    Folder and Stylus
    HDMI Cable
    Ear Piece
    USB Adaptor
    Direct to Laptop connector
    Children Education Materials and Games
    Business pack: Business Tracking Centre, Personalized Website, Online marketing tools and access to other extra income opportunities.

To reserve your gadgets. Kindly call 08028665065