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I'm loosing my mind


New Techie
I met my husband while I was working though we weren't for a long time,along the line I got pregnant with our son and it hurt my parents,I stubbornly went to live with him in the house we got together even though I was supposed to be staying in my aunt's house pending when he will do the right thing(marriage rites), we lived together till I gave birth(only my stepmom came for naming from my own side)till my son was 3mths,at this time I had stopped working.then he had a major issue with someone that resulted to court case and I ran back to my family,my father refused my staying in his house so I was sent to my aunty's place.I was a mess then just struggling to give my baby the best care with no job,then I got a job that made things a bit better.to cut the long story short with the help of God, my pastor and myself he was able to get out of court case after 6mths .he came out went to my family,apologised and we had a another traditional wedding and white wedding.now I have stopped working he doesn't seem to want me to work and I'm not the sitting at home person and he now makes statement like "what have u been doing all day,that his food is not ready". I feel like he owes me ,I got him out of the mess he placed himself in now he is running to his family that abandoned him,my son and myself.I have lost my self respect.I need help help fast coz I'm tempted to start communicating with the "ex"