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Just In: Cloudflare has launched a website development platform


De Techizard
Cloudflare has launched Cloudflare Pages, a website development platform for developers, webmasters, startups, and businesses. It is very similar to their domain registration services that let domain name owners transfer and manage their domain name from their Cloudflare's dashboard.

With this, anyone can launch their personal or portfolio pages with ease, letting them focus on other aspects of growing their businesses.

In their official press, they stated that Cloudflare Pages is "JAMstack-compatible and offers exceptional security, scalability, pricing, and performance?up to twice as fast as other platforms."

Cloudflare Pages provides developers a collaborative way to build websites for free.

"From day one Cloudflare was built to service developers," said Matthew Prince, co-founder, and CEO of Cloudflare. "Over the last ten years, millions of developers have counted on us for our network performance and security services. With Cloudflare Pages, we're now providing them with a scalable, fast, secure, cost-effective platform to build next-generation applications that they can deploy globally."

With Cloudflare Pages, said the company, developers can focus on building their websites rather than spending time on integrating disparate systems, and Cloudflare Pages integrates seamlessly with GitHub to simplify the development process, to collect and integrate feedback from multiple stakeholders, and to deploy those changes quickly to the edge.

News Source: cloudflare.net