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Laplink Luanches PCmover Reconfigurator Tool for Optimizing PCs with Multiple Drives


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PCmover Reconfigurator toolLaplink® has announced the availability of PCmover Reconfigurator, a free tool that simplifies the process of optimizing a Windows® PC with multiple hard drives, such as a smaller solid-state disk (SSD) and larger secondary hard drive — a popular configuration for many new Windows PCs.

Typically, users will often upgrade to a new PC with a multi-drive configuration that includes much faster SSD or NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) storage while also retaining a secondary hard drive with greater storage capacity. While performance is significantly improved by having the operating system and programs load from the SSD, there is virtually no increased benefit to loading files, such as productivity documents, videos, or images, from an SSD. Instead, those files clog up a smaller capacity SSD and cause its performance to degrade over time due to space limitations.

For optimum performance, SSDs should be kept to less than 75% of capacity. Yet, figuring out how to change the Windows default file locations can be complicated and confusing, and involves digging around in properties and settings. As a result, most users with a multi-drive configuration will face the prospect of constantly cleaning up files to reclaim space on the SSD.

PCmover Reconfigurator optimizes multiple drives with just a few clicks, eliminating the hassle of manually reconfiguring default folder locations. Users simply install the Reconfigurator software, choose the Windows libraries they want to move to another drive, click the “TRANSFER” button, and the libraries are reconfigured, freeing up space on the SSD. PCmover Reconfigurator automatically changes the default location for the library's data folders, along with their content. Supported storage folders include Documents, Music, Pictures, Videos, and Downloads.

“PCmover Reconfigurator is closely aligned to our core mission of helping individual PC users, small businesses, and large enterprises configure their PCs, and get them set up and running quickly and easily,” said Thomas Koll, CEO at Laplink. “Reconfiguring drives for optimum efficiency is often an overlooked final step in the PC setup and migration process because of the complexity involved. Now, it’s fast and simple.”

PCmover Reconfigurator is ideal when setting up and deploying PCs, and is the perfect companion when using PCmover Professional (for individuals), PCmover Business (for small businesses), and PCmover Enterprise (large organizations and IT service providers). PCmover is the industry’s leading solution for setting up a new PC, migrating user settings, files, and applications from an old PC to a new one. Plus, it is the only tool of its kind recommended by Microsoft®, Intel®, and all major OEMs. For large organizations with complex IT environments, PCmover Enterprise has been proven to save organizations significant time and money — more than $300 per PC, according to industry research.

To download PCmover Reconfigurator, visit reconfigurator.laplink.com and follow the installation instructions. Free user support is available 24/7 through their specified channels.