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List of E-commerce & Free Classified Ads Websites For Nigerians


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You want to buy something from the internet (online shopping for Nigerians) or place free classified Ads as a Nigerian ? Look at this trusted websites Below they will help you asap.

For the general masses Epay.com is popular as well as amazon.com but since this giants restrict Nigerians and some other countries from shipping directly to Nigeria they no longer serve as an option for it's massive
Populace .

While this list is not limited to Nigerians alone as most of this sites can be used by anyone but they have several competitive payment options that makes it comfortable for Nigerians. You can even pay with your atm card, Nigerian Master Card , Direct bank deposit etc.

I will be listing some trusted and popular ones  while you add yours as the list continues

1. http://www.tradestable.com.ng/    =>> Trades table
2.  http://www.google.com.ng/local/trader =>> Google trader
3. http://dealfish.com.ng/  ==> Deal Fish
4. http://www.aliexpress.com/  ==> Alibaba Express (foreign but accepts Nigerian Cards)
5. http://www.kasuwa.com/  ==>> Kasuwa
6. http://dealdey.com/  ==>> Deal Dey
7. http://www.nairalist.com/  ==> Nairalist
8. http://chrisvicmall.com/ ==>> Chris vicmall (New to the fold)
9. http://www.nairaoffer.com/ ==> Naira Offer ( A sort of fivrr.com)
10. http://www.wippypick.com/ ==>> Wippy Pick
11. http://www.walahi.com/
12. http://www.halanow.com/

the list are several and new ones coming up daily you can add yours if you 've got any

want to add this great two sites