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List of Popular Companies Name and Origin /What inspired the name


De Techizard
This thread was actually started some where in a facebook group I belong to and I decided to continue it here

Now let's roll the list

1.Mercedes - Name of the daughter of the
2.Nokia - Name of city in Finland.
3.Pepsi - Named from the digestive enzyme
4.Honda - From the name of its founder Soichiro
5.Sony - from the Latin word 'sonus' meaning
6.Maggi - Food company named after its
founder, Julius Maggi.
7.Suzuki - From the name of its founder, Michio
8.Samsung - Meaning 'three stars' in Korea.
9. Toyota - From the name of founder, Sakichi
10.Yamaha - After Torakusu Yamaha, who
founded the company.
11.Adidas - From the name of the founder Adolf
(Adi) Dassler (das).

please feel free to add yours as the list continues 


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