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List of top 21 trusted bulk sms sites 2013 for Nigerians


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Bulk sms is something we do use from time to time mostly , during occasion and special events like wedding ceremony , birthday party , get together , church events , promotions & advertisement which explains the reason for high demand for bulk sms . While it may take very long for you to single out a decent bulk sms site with relatively good amount , ease of payment  and less-fraudulent behavior out of the thousands of them out there, I have  taken my time to list out few among many good ones that I and few of my friend's has used at one time or the order . While my list may not be just accurate as companies changes from time to time it's required for you to verify the company you wanna if they actually delivers the amount you ordered for before making any order.


1. http://www.141sms.com
2. http://www.thesmskiosk.com/
3. http://www.naijanimi.com (offers free sms too)
4. http://www.smsafrica.com
5. http://www.smsclone.com/
6. http://www.reflexsms.com
7. http://www.smsgator.com/
8. http://www.sms247.com
9. http://www.aratext.com
10. http://www.globalreachout.com
11. http://www.davillesms.com/
12. http://www.etextmail.com
13. http://vtpass.com/
14. http://www.weirdsms.com
15. http://www.bananasms.com/
16. http://www.boltsms.com/
17. http://www.smsmobile24.com/
18. http://www.nigerianbulksms.com/
19. http://www.xyzsms.com/
20. https://www.clickatell.com/
21. http://www.kudisms.net/

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