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Marissa Mayer Is Yahoo's New CEO "Report"


Active Techie
Marissa Mayer, a leading consumer
internet executive and one of Google Inc?s
(GOOG) earliest employees, will become
Yahoo?s (YHOO) new CEO from Tuesday, a
surprise pick for the company?s fourth
chief executive in less than a year.
Mayer, who joined Google in 1997 as its
20th employee and first female engineer,
edged out front-runner and acting CEO
Ross Levinsohn for the top spot at the
struggling former Internet powerhouse,
which continues to loose ground in the
search and content business.
Mayer, 37, is a technologist that has
managed some of Google Inc.?s most
popular products. She is credited for
envisioning Google?s famously white
search home page, a major selling point
for Web surfers, and the way users
interacted with Gmail, Google News and
Google Images.
David Filo, co-founder of Yahoo, said in a
prepared statement: ?Marissa is a well-
known, visionary leader in user
experience and product design and one of
Silicon Valley?s most exciting strategists
in technology development. I look
forward to working with her to enhance
Yahoo?s product offerings for our over
700 million unique monthly visitors.?
?The Board of Directors unanimously
agreed that Marissa?s unparalleled track
record in technology, design, and product
execution makes her the right leader for
Yahoo! at this time of enormous
opportunity,? said Fred Amoroso,
Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Mayer received her B.S. in Symbolic
Systems and her M.S. in Computer Science
from Stanford University, specializing in
artificial intelligence for both degrees. She
holds several patents in artificial
intelligence and interface design.
source : WWW.wallstreetpit.com/93805-marissa-meyer-takes-reins-as-yahoo-yhoo-ceo