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Married to a JinnMarried to a Jinn Novel Synopsis

  • Ava’s POV
  • “Do you have any appointment with Mr. Donald?” The receptionist questioned as he continued to stare at the computer.
  • “I’m here to make a deal” I replied, the male receptionist’s face brightened into a smile.
  • “Follow me,” He said as he strode to a big door. In the big door, there are two smaller doors.
  • He strode to the left and opened the inner door that has ‘Dark Circles’ written o
  • n it.
  • “Welcomee Ava, you are welcome to dark circles, “A man with grey hair said seated on a wooden chair, he is maybe in his forties.
  • ” A deal,” I said. The old man claps and the room became dark with a dim light beside me, the old man disappeared and I was alone in the darkroom.
  • “Oh dark Jinn, come grant me a wish” I stretched my hand forward and flinched when I felt a presence behind me.
  • I turned back and saw a man under a black hoodie behind me. He brought his hand forward exposing his tan skin and a dark circle on it.
  • “A mermaid requesting a wish? Well, why did you disturb my sleep?”He scoffed.
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