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Mistakes Women Made To Make Guys Love Them


De Travel Guru
So you met this guy and you want to spend time with him more. Not only that, you have feelings for him. You cannot stop thinking about him. You care for him. Maybe more than you care for your friends. Oh! Is this what you call love? And you want him to feel the same, so you will be both happy. The question is, how?

You have always thought that it is difficult to get him to love you? Well, not really and these tips will show you. Read on:

1. Do Not be Too Available

A man wants to pursue you; let him. Do not forget to throw some challenges in the way. So, do not see him more than twice or thrice a week. Also, turn down some of his invites to a date or vacation.

Go on with your life. Do not break your plans or appointments just because he wants to see you or wants to go somewhere with you. Make him miss you because that is the key to make him want you more.

2. Do Not Go Overboard

When you want to catch his attention and get him to love you, it is tempting to dress more seductively, act sweeter and shower him with affection that is more than what he gives to you. But don't. Doing so will turn off his romantic side as you just cancelled the challenges out and unveiled the mystery he is looking forward to.

3. Do Not Let the World Revolve Around Him

Do not go exclusive unless he is too. Do not make him your one and only when he is seeing other women. Know where you stand, and let yourself meet and date other guys. This will raise the bar as you will invite a competition that your man loves because it will push him to work harder just to get you.

4. Do Not Plan Your Dates

It is his responsibility, not yours. It is tempting to get involved to make sure you will end up somewhere nice, but again, don't. A man actually loves it when his woman respects his plans and believes that he can pull off a nice activity that she will enjoy. Making him in charge is also a sign that you are fun, carefree and laid back because you are up to almost anything.


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