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Mtn, airtel, etisalat and Glo nigeria manual configuration & data subscription


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Many are still confused with already discussed data configuration and subscription code for Networks in Nigeria thinking there are separate settings / configuration for Samsung android phones , android galaxy tab, iphone and Ipad

But In a simple note they are just the same just slight variation in the location:

For Iphone , Ipad or any apple device that can access the internet just go to menu => settings => Mobile / Cellular => mobile data=> edit the data access point  & tethering access point with the settings below.

For android phones , tab and any other android devices that can access the internet go to menu=> settings => wireless, Bluetooth, network etc=> click on mobile networks => click on apn => click on menu =>add new  and configure with the settings below:

For Mtn Nigeria

Apn: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net

Username: web

password: web

Mobile friendly Data subscription for your devices Mtn Nigeria

N1,[email protected] 100mb dial *106# to activate

N1,300 @ 250mb dial *109# to activate

N2,[email protected] 500mb dial *110# to activate

N3,500 @ 1gb dial *111# to activate

For Glo Nigeria

Apn: gloflat

username: flat

password: flat

Mobile friendly Data subscription for your devices Globalcomm Nigeria

N1,[email protected] 200mb dial *127*53#

visit http://hsi.glo.com with your default mobile phone browser for more

For airtel Nigeria

apn: internet.ng.airtel.com

username: internet

password: internet

Mobile friendly Data subscription for your devices Airtel Nigeria

N1,[email protected] 200mb dial *141*712*4# to activate

N5,000 @ 3.5gb dial *141*712*1#

N1,200 Airtel Bis trick @ 1gb "send bsm to 440" to activate

For Etisalat Nigeria

apn: etisalat

username: leave empty

password: leave empty

Mobile friendly Data subscription for your devices Etisalat Nigeria

N1,000 @ 200mb dial *229*2*1#

For smartphone devices use this voice + data combination plans

N1,000 @ 260mb send smarta to 8183

N1,500 @ 500gb send smartb to 8183

N4,[email protected] 2gb send smartc to 8183