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My Ex-wife Is Beautiful After DivorceMy Ex-wife Is Beautiful After Divorce Novel Synopsis

What a coincidence. Song Nian and Qi Yu happened to be getting a divorce on Valentine's Day.
There was a long queue at the marriage counter of the Civil Affairs Bureau.
In comparison, the divorce counter appeared quiet and lonesome. Seeing this, the corners of Song Nian's mouth twitched.
She felt a little helpless.
The date of the divorce was chosen quite well. There was no need to queue.

Qi Yu arrived slightly later than Song Nian. Song Nian saw him as soon as he entered the door.

Song Nian couldn't help but feel proud of herself regarding the divorce.
Although she wasn't the one who asked for it, she didn't pester him or delay the divorce.

She simply agreed to sign the papers and go through with the procedures.
Even if it was a breakup, Song Nian had to preserve her dignity.
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