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Pc netw0rking/hardware tut0rial request


New Techie
I am a pc tech but i hav 0% idea in pc netw0rking. I will b glad if u c0uld help me with a specialially made netw0rking vide0/text tut0rial with pictures 0f illustrati0ns that is packed with all the aspects 0f pc netw0rking starting fr0m basic level. I d0nt like diff tut0rial f0r diff t0pic but i w0uld like 0ne that hav been specially packed with all the aspects f0r learning netw0rking. I d0nt like vide0 tut0rials fr0m any 0f the vide0 sites like y0utube etc. I W0ULD B VERY HAPPY IF IT IS SPECIALLY MADE F0R B0TH HARDWARE ND NETW0RKING TUT0RIAL (2 in 1) ND C0NTAINS  ALL THE ASPECTS 0F THEM STARTING FR0M THE BASIC ASPECTS 0F THEM...


Active Techie
Honestly the software size is about 500mb which explains my reason for not uploading it up till now but you can do a simple google search on "test out A+ course " download to get a copy of the video based complete pc maintenance & networking course it include monitor and other computer peripheral download