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Sacrificed to the Dragon Prince Novel PDF Download/Online Reading


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Sacrificed to the Dragon Prince Sacrificed to the Dragon Prince Novel Synopsis

Millicent was the town orphan, a mystery girl with no home and no family.
Not remembering anything of her previous life, when she arrived in the town of Crimson on the shore of the Emerald Coast,
she was taken in by the only place that would house a girl with her strange eyes and manners, the local orphanage.
Hired out to pay for her room and board, she was seen to have even less value than the rags she used to clean the floors.
When a blight comes to Crimson, the dragon demands a virgin "of marriageable age" as a sacrifice in exchange for his assistance.

Seen as strange, even cursed, Millicent was an easy choice for the sacrifice.
Loved and wanted by no one, there was nobody to fight for her when they chained her to the cart and left her at the base of the hill to be defiled or devoured.
Little did they know, her sacrifice would be their biggest mistake.
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