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SECURITY ADVISORY FOR THE YULETIDE SEASON: HOW TO STAY SAFE!!!. Read, learn, apply and enjoy the season....Seasons greetings Nigeria!!!
Please be guided by the following tips:

I. Personal Security:

- Keep a low profile, blend in and be alert of developments in your environment

- Avoid known crime prone areas/hot spots in your home towns/states

- Avoid routine pattern of movements and late night outings

- Avoid undue exposure, inclusive of your family members

II. Financial Transactions:

- Keep all information concerning financial transactions strictly confidential ? don?t discuss in the open

- Avoid carrying large sums in cash, do not carry black polythene or brown envelopes, they may attract criminals.

- Avoid physical transactions that require large sums in cash - use cheques and electronic money transfers

- Use ATMs only in safe and well lit places

III. Travel Security:

- Always pre-plan your journey and ensure the vehicle is in good working condition

- Discuss travel details only with immediate family members

- Avoid night driving, and make less use of your high value cars that easily mark you out as a potential target

- Stick to major routes and avoid lonely routes with bad roads and poor visibility

- Don?t give ride to strangers, including persons dressed in uniforms, as they may be criminals in disguise

- Beware of techniques used by criminals to force unsuspecting victims to stop

It is also established that motorists are most vulnerable when:

- Waiting for the gates to be opened for them at residences
- Driving through a terribly bad spot that requires slowing down completely with little chance of escape or
when parked on a spot along less-busy-roads without alighting from the car

IV. Social Outings:

- Always let close family members be aware of your movements
- Avoid late outings unless it is absolutely necessary (even then ensure you are accompanied)
- Avoid crowded places
- Always take your mobile phone with you, in the event you need to make emergency calls

However, in the likely event of an attack or incident, please remember the following:

- The general rule is "NEVER" attempt to run
- DO NOT resist or panic, just stay calm and cooperate
- AVOID eye-to-eye contact with the assailants, but respond to instructions and questions calmly.
- Don't make sudden movements without first seeking their permission - e.g. unfastening your seat belt as they may
misconstrue your intention.
- Implore them not to use their weapons as you will cooperate fully
- Focus your energy on survival, maintaining self respect and dignity
- Inform them if you have any medical condition
- Request to speak with your relatives, close associates, and give them the facts unemotionally
- Don't attempt to call the Police when it is not safe to do so
- Report to the nearest police station and company security control room when it is safe to do so. Cheers !

Courtesy  http://www.ebimablog.com/