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Security News - Twitter's t.co mistakenly shut down by Melbourne IT


Twitters users were unable to access links in tweets on sunday as the Twitter's url shortening service t.co mistakenly shut down by Melbourne IT.

According to reports, the outage caused by simple human error at a Melbourne, Australia-based hosting firm. following a phishing complaint.

?Yesterday in the process of actioning a phishing complaint, our policy team inadvertently placed the t.co domain on hold. The error was realized and rectified in approximately 40 minutes and t.co links again began working,? stated Tony Smith, a spokesperson for Melbourne IT in a CNET interview.

At first, it seemed as though the problem was caused by Dyn, a New Hampshire-based company that provides domain name system connectivity for Twitter's t.co link shorting service as well as Zappos and Etsy. But Tom Daly, Dyn's chief scientist, said it was "an issue with the upstream parent zone, .co, the country code domain for Colombia."