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Sir Ares, Goodnight Novel PDFsSir Ares, Goodnight Novel is a romantic Chinese novel translation that has been trending for some time now. This is the page to download Sir Ares Goodnight Novel PDFs. The romantic Chinese novel is about a girl that loved his man from the depths of her heart. Yet, he takes her for granted. He thinks that with his money and wealth, any girl can become his life partner. For him, the emotions of love and affection are consumable materials that can be exchanged for money. Even as he decides that after keeping her as his wife for a year, he will divorce her, believing she cannot handle it. A year ago, when she had thought she had lost him, the sudden incident of her fiancée leaving him gave her a chance.

You can download chapters 1 to 110 of Sir Ares, Goodnight Novel from this URL, or use the PDFs below for the remaining chapters.


  • Chapter-111-120.pdf
    9 MB · Views: 208
  • Chapter-121-130.pdf
    3.3 MB · Views: 79
  • Chapter-131-140.pdf
    1.8 MB · Views: 66
  • Chapter-141-150.pdf
    8.3 MB · Views: 89
  • Chapter-151-160.pdf
    2.8 MB · Views: 64
  • Chapter-161-170.pdf
    3.9 MB · Views: 80
  • Chapter-171-180.pdf
    4.1 MB · Views: 78
  • Chapter-181-190.pdf
    3.1 MB · Views: 83
  • Chapter-191-200.pdf
    2.9 MB · Views: 63
  • Chapter-201-210.pdf
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  • Chapter-211-220.pdf
    2.4 MB · Views: 95
  • Sir ares goodnight-chapter-1-110.pdf
    40.4 MB · Views: 635
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