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Spotify Reveals Top Music, Artists and Apps of 2012


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Best of Spotify in 2012

    Most popular band: Coldplay, who rocked the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony

    Most popular female: Rihanna, who is also the most-liked person on Facebook

    Most popular male: David Guetta, whose songs are frequently covered on YouTube

    Most popular track: "Somebody I Used to Know," one of the most viewed videos

    Most popular album: Nothing but the Beat

    Most shared track: "Somebody That I Used to Know"

    Most shared artist: Adele, whose 2011 album is the top-selling iTunes album of 2012

    Most shared album: Nothing but the Beat

Most Popular Radio Genres

    1. Pop

    2. Hip Hop

    3. Dance

    4. Country

    5. Rock

    6. Alternative

    7. R&B

    8. '90s

    9. '80s

    10. Indie

Top Apps

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