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Stop useless addynamo Adds from showing up as a publisher


Active Techie
Why add publishers benefit from the ad-network , promoting them shouldn't on any case be forced on our throat it is something we do at will. A search on "google adsense" will show you  more than a thousand articles written by top class bloggers on google adsense which I think is definitely the best way to promote this ad-networks but that has never been the case with all this recent  ad-networks excluding only yahoo-bing adds . Ad-networks like bidvertizers , adbrite , addynamo , chikita etc will keep rotating their own add which pays almost nothing when clicked upon almost all day . the most annoying of them all is addynamo which I think is solely because of their very poor advertisers base 'cos most countries don't even have a good number of advertisers using them .

Now for those using them as their choice platform for publishing adds It is your own choice to decide blocking their own "self add" & other low performing add from showing up on your blog. I mean to block this "advertise with addynamo " from showing up in your blog, sites or forum.

To block / stop their add from showing up do the following:

Log into your addynamo account & Go to channels ==>Then Click on web or mobile tab. (depending on the type of channel you have created)==> then Click on the icon with the red X (that is manage exclude websites) next to each channel==> Enter the websites with very low performing adds into the manage exclude websites don't forget to add
which is the chief culprit .

In my own opinion it's better to show few reasonable adds with better cpc than showing many irrelevant adds that drives away more visitors than it brings