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Substitute Groom: Married To An Enemy Substitute Groom: Married To An Enemy Novel Synopsis

“Let’s start, it’s getting late,” Ethan spoke in his usual frosty tone.

Wedding night, a time for a newly wedded couple to consummate the marriage.
It is a much awaited time for a bride who had saved herself for her husband but not for Moriah.
“Look at me, Moriah,” commanded Ethan in his husky voice.

Her eyes opened at the odd, husky note in his voice, and she found herself gazing into fiery blue eyes, his finely chiseled lips poised just above her own.
She eagerly waited for this day that she will give her body to the love of her life and that they will share a blissful night in the arms of each other.
Her dream to have a night of bliss with the man of her dreams turned into a nightmare because she ended doing it with the man she loathes so much.
“Open your eyes, wife” Ethan growled, seeing Moriah shut her eyes again.
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