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Sweet Babe VS Clueless CEO Daddy Sweet Babe VS Clueless CEO Daddy Novel Synopsis

Caitlin Clarke was surprised when she saw the result of the test. I am pregnant! I am pregnant with Max’s child.
It was a hard and long road, but finally she had his child after three years of marriage.

When she went out happily with the pregnancy result and was on her merry way to tell Max about this good news,
she saw a familiar silhouette passing in front of her as she turned around the corner.
Eliza Pierce? Max’s first love is back?

Caitlin quickly followed her, and much to her shock, she saw her husband being by Eliza’s side, even though he was supposed to be at the company.
At this moment, he was holding her carefully, and Eliza looked like she was five months pregnant.

“I am fine, Max. Don’t worry, the child is doing okay.”
“I think it’s best if we do a checkup. You are pregnant with the first grandchild of the Cooper Family, so we can’t afford to make any mistakes.”
Eliza had a happy smile on her face while Max was treating her gently. Her husband’s infidelity was hurting Caitlin.

“What are you doing?” Caitlin gripped the pregnancy result tightly.

Her nails pierced through the papers and dug into her palm, but the pain was nothing compared to the agony she was feeling.
She was nearly infertile, but in order to be pregnant with Max’s child, she tried every single prescription possible over the last three years.
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