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Sweet MisunderstandingSweet Misunderstanding Novel Synopsis

See you in Room 1802

An international hotel in City A.
“I wish you a bright future and a happy marriage after graduation.”
The head teacher said and drank the beer.
The students also drank the wine in their cups and sat down.

Amanda was a little drunk. Her face was red.
She lay on the table and gently touched the wine glass with her fingers. There was a faint melancholy in the excitement
After graduating from college, everyone went back to their homes, and went their own way.
After four years of classmates, they were sentimental after all.

“It’s said that it’s Kris paid the bill that we can come to such a high-end hotel today.”
“His family is a famous company, involving finance, entertainment, IT and real estate.
He is the only heir. If you can fall in love with him, you will die without regret.”

“For four years, I only met him for half a year when he was a freshman. Later, he just came over for the exam. He was the same year as us, but he is already the CEO of the overseas investment department. He is extraordinary.”
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