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The AA Big Book Raw Version Download


De Techizard
The AA Big BookThe original version of the AA Big Book is not so common around the internet like similar books of its class. While most of its popular pages are available around the net, there are not so many sites to get the AA Big Book PDFs like I've been sharing here. I've read some of the starting pages up to page 417 of AA Big Book.

The Page 417 of the AA Big Book - A.K.A Alcoholics Anonymous big book is about the best-known secrets to relinquishing alcoholism. It boldly stated that the fundamental step towards total emancipation from alcoholism is “acceptance”, and coming into terms with the obvious reality, and completely realizing the ground truth that one is indeed addicted. “Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today” as the big book states.

The earlier pages of the book seem to introduce what dangers such addiction could cause, while the AA Big Book Page 86 is about evaluating your day-to-day activities comprehensively. It laid some emphasis on taking absolute control of your work and social life and how to introduce Godliness to your daily activities.

To download the raw and original version of the AA big book, click on this link, and select one from the options displayed, or use this specific link to grab the PDF for your reading pleasure.
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