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The CEO’s Addiction To Love Novel PDF Free Download/Read Online


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“The CEO’s Addiction To Love by SkyHero ” is a novel that is characterized by deep affection and love, the Author has shown incredibility, you will notice how well the characters are organized, this novel has got the passion for a romantic experience that will excite you as you read through the pages.
I will be posting in PDF all the chapters here for you to Download or Read Online.. enjoy.

“The CEO’s Addiction To Love by SkyHero ” The CEO’s Addiction To Love Novel Synopsis

On their wedding night, the room was filled with roses. Charlotte sat by the bed as she stared at the wedding photos she and Bryson had taken. Tonight was supposed to be their wedding night, but she would not be sleeping with Bryson later. Someone flipped the switch and all the lights went out in an instant. The room had gone completely dark. Boom! The door was kicked open. Charlotte could vaguely see a tall black figure charging toward her. At that moment, Charlotte felt as if she was being crushed by an iceberg that was pressing down on her. The cold, powerful pressure of the figure was suffocating her. "Ah!" A pair of powerful hands pressed Charlotte's shoulders, and she was pushed to the ground by a strong force... find out more.....


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