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The Substitute Bride Can't EscapeThe Substitute Bride Can't Escape Novel Synopsis

When Olivia White came to her senses, she found herself wrapped in a blanket na*ed.
Feeling parched and weak, she knew she had been drugged.
When she looked around, she spotted a surprisingly large mirror right in front of her and a camera at the bedside.

Her heart convulsing, Olivia vaguely understood what was going on here.
As the effect of the drug kicked in, Olivia gritted her teeth to remain conscious.
No, if that kind of video was shot, her life would be ruined.

There was no time for her to figure out the plotter. She struggled to get off the bed.
Fortunately, the other party didn't anticipate her remaining strength and left the door unlocked.

During her work, Olivia was knocked unconscious and sent to this floor.
With no clothes on, she had to wrap herself in the thin blanket and escape on bare feet.
In case people would recognize her, she deliberately ruffled her hair, messed up her heavy makeup, and walked in the dark.
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