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Top 15 Freelancing Websites for College Students


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Everyone wants to get rich and continually struggle to earn some extra money to make their dreams come true, their own wishes and live a better life. However, earning money is not easy for some people who are new in their careers, but it's not even difficult.

If you are one of them then this article will surely help you and if you are not one of them then this article will help you to earn extra money while doing your job full time/permanent.

Here we are sharing some good freelance websites where you can earn some money as college or beginner students simply by doing a simple part-time job.

1. UpWork

Upwork formerly known as oDesk is an older website to be hired online as a freelancer or part-time jobs. Upwork is the largest workplace in the world, where experienced companies and freelancers work at work!

2. Toptal

Toptal is also another job portal where you can work as a freelancer online. It is an exclusive network of leading freelance software developers, designers and financial experts around the world. The best companies rely on Toptal freelancers for their most important projects.

3. Freelancer

In addition to offering millions of projects, Freelancer allows you to compete with other freelancers in competitions to show off your skills. If you're really competitive and confident in your expertise, it's a great way to show off your skills and attract more customers.

4. 99 drawings

99designs is a platform for freelance designers and allows you to compete in design contests and get feedback from customers who choose the best. Plus, it's a great way for talented designers to showcase their talents.

5. Guru

This site allows you to easily show off your previous work experience and offers a day-to-day job matching feature. This Guru feature ensures you do not miss any good opportunities. In addition, the Guru Work Room allows you to easily manage all your work.

6. Freelance writing work

Whether you are an editor, a writer, a blogger, an editor or any combination of these, Freelancers Writing Gigs can help you find some projects. This platform is also a good option for freelancers who really have a way with words.

7. Peopleperhour

This is an extraordinary platform that focuses on freelancing for homework on the web. In case you are a web developer, a designer, an SEO specialist, and others, Peopleperhour is absolutely the right freelance website for you.

8. University Recruiter

As the name of the freelance platform, the College Recruiter is designed for undergraduate or graduate students looking for freelance jobs in any category. In addition to being a source for part-time work, it can also be a great way to start your career.

9. iFreelance

This freelance site hosts some of the typical jobs of the free world as writers, publishers, programmers and the like. But then, it also offers freelance marketers and, unlike other sites, iFreelance allows you to keep 100% of your salaries.

10. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a job portal based in Australia, where employers can send jobs and take jobs. It can be freelance, part-time or full-time. Surf by job category, city, state/territory, business owner and more.

11. Fiverr

This site is one of the most famous websites of small services. You can only make a concert for $5. You do not need to know the code or design material. You just have to learn how others are creating their concerts. If your project can impress others, it could easily give you $5 for your work. So you can easily earn your earnings. This site offers various jobs for the best freelance for college students and beginner websites.

12. Elance

Elance is a secure payment site. It never delays paying. Elance recovers all the problems created by Freelance. You can make your profile here without risk. Elance pays for every hour of work and sometimes more. There is no fear of not receiving payment promptly. This site always ensures payment and gives it regularly.

13. CrowdSource

CrowdSource is an example of the best independent websites for beginners. The crowdsource team is always available to solve the problems of independent professionals. He specializes primarily in monitoring for online retailers, publishing, content writing, publishing, and media companies.

The main unique features of this site are that it divides large-scale projects into smaller projects. Those freelancers are skilled enough, they can get a reach to do work here. Here one can obtain compensation as well.

14. iWriter

This is a site for writers. It is one of the best independent websites for beginners. Here a writer can find almost thousands of works available here. We can call it one of the biggest markets for writers.

This site is totally dedicated to writers. A writer can make his career here very easily. Everyone can have a margin for a large gain.

15. Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified directory that provides classifieds and local forums for jobs, housing, sales, personal, services, local community, and events.

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