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Unlimited Mtn Nigeria Browsing for N500 or 1,500 only


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sounds good right?
oh yeah this is necessary if you are a heavy Internet user like I am who does a lota uploads & downloads . you can get your unlimited browsing working with this simple steps
1. subscribe to mtn blackberry plan either monthly or weekly by sending bbc to 21600 (monthly) or bbcweek to 21600 (Weekly)
2. Go to www.sandwichvpn.com and create an account
3. fund your account and upgrade to premium user for 3$
4. download the second option from the download page
5. install and run as administrator (for windows 7)
6. create a new access point on mtn using
apn: blackberry.net
username/password: leave empty
7. connect to the Internet  and choose udp & mtn nigeria on sandwith vpn with uk-1 or any other server

enjoy your unlimited downloads for a week or month

do post your questions here if there is any difficulty


this is realy nice..i so much love it but i dont have mtn 3g in my area.. wish the is any for airtel, am using their 3.7g network and it is so fast.... thanks guysssss 8)


I can reprogram your MTN sim card to browse free, no subscription, no software.


sound interesting, wot do i need 2 do to ve dat on my head ? thanks