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want unlock vodafone huawi k3565 [solved]

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hii , i need to unlock my usb modem , i have followed an interesting tutorial from a tech blog 

and i have unlock it and now try it

i need have free internet browsing .... me from Egypt



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oh you actually went too far looking for solution that is already here. Actually the tutorial there isn't bad just that you are going to be using two different application when one application can just do the magic.

ok now try and read this thread here https://forum.3ptechies.com/huawei-modem/download-to-unlock-any-version-of-huawei-modem-even-those-sturbon-ones/msg383/#msg383 and found out two possible ways you can actually unlock  huawei k3565 and any other one that do not ask for a code when another sim is inserted.

Now talking about free Internet browsing in Egypt I found out from a friend that the three vpn software I am going to post here works very fast and free with one of the networks there . though doubt if I can recall the settings

1. Freegate => download freegate from http://freegate.softpedia.com/ then lunch. it requires no configuration / advance settings
2. Your-freedom => download from http://www.your-freedom.net/ after creating account with then from your client window click on ports tab and tick every thing there including udp then use the auto-detect configuration wizard to setup your client for free internet access.
3. Sandwich Vpn => Download the very first one from http://sandwichvpn.com/download/ and choose udp and africa with "torrent 05" then click on ports and enter 80 connect and surf for free (that's what I'm using Currently)

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