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Wish I Had Never Met You Novel PDF Download/Reading Online

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Wish I Had Never Met You Wish I Had Never Met You Novel Synopsis
WARNING: mATURE content, readers must be over 18 years and above.

VIP Room. ‘’You’re just a whore who anyone can f**k by paying.’’
The man scoffed, fiercely extinguishing his cigarette and hurling a stack of bills at the woman. ‘’Tonight, I want you!’’
Grace never expected to encounter Xavier Brooks, her ex boyfriend who she hadn’t seen in two years in this club.
What she didn’t anticipate was being insulted by him in such a way.

The Banknotes fell in a cascade down her head and as Grace regained her composure, she evaded the man’s burning gaze and offered him a seductive smile.
‘’I apologize, Mr. Brooks. Club policy forbids me from offering s*x service.’’
She worked as a hostess in this nightclub, but she could chose to refuse offering s*x service.
Read all the chapters now to discover more on this mind blowing episode, enjoy!


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