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2013 List of Legitimate Web hosting Companies In Nigeria


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While there are many a great foreign Web / email hosting Companies with thousand & one positive reviews We still have many start-ups and Individuals who chooses to patronize Our indigenous Web & Email hosting firms / companies  either for the ease of payment using various payment options or for loyalty . There are many indigenous hosting companies this days with either good / bad review , So I will be listing out ones with at least 0% fraudulent (falsified features)  review / complaint while you on your own discretion has to look up the search engines before making your choice .

1. Mtn Nigeria
Website Address = http://mtnbusiness.com.ng/webplus
2. TruDigits
Website Address =  http://www.trudigits.com
3. Qservers
Website address = http://www.qservers.net

4. Syskay Systems
Website Address = http://syskay.com/

5. Internet Visa
Website Address= https://www.internetvisa.net/
6.Perfect Visual Host
Website Address: http://www.perfectvisualhost.com
7. 9ja Hoster
website Address= http://9jahoster.com
8. Gurushost.com
Website Address = http://gurushost.com/

Website Address= www.tvchost.com
10. Nigerian Webhosts
Website Address = http://www.nigerianwebhosts.com
11. LagosHost
Website Address = https://www.lagoshost.com/
12. Smartweb
Website Address = http://www.smartweb.com.ng
13. Naija best host
Website Address =  http://www.naijabesthost.com
14 .Genieslab
Website Address  https://www.genieslab.com/
15. Kayproxy Solutions Limited
Website Address = www.kayproxysolutions.com
16. Webresellerng
Website Address = http://www.webresellerng.com/
17. HostGoodies
Website Address : http://www.hostgoodies.com/
18. Clue WebHost Nigeria
Website Address = http://www.cluewebhost.com/
19. HostamCheap
Website Address = http://www.hostamcheap.com
20 . HostSleek Technologies
Website Address = http://www.hostsleek.com
Website Address = http://www.e-topup.com.ng/web/hosting
22. Web4africa
Website Address = http://www.web4africa.net/
23. Thenigeriahost
Website Address = http://www.thenigeriahost.net/

Is there any other competent / legal hosting company you think we are missing ? Just drop their name / address

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