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Best Free Sites To Watch and Download Movies Online in 2023


De Techizard
There are lots of websites where you can download movies for free to your laptop, tablet, and mobile devices. These websites host thousands of titles, series, and episodes, you're sure to download movies you'd watch for many hours. But then, while there are hundreds of free movie download sites, not all of them are safe to use.

That said, this article lists 3 of my favorite free sites to watch and download movies to my phone, PC, and tablet devices. The websites listed here are all safe to browse; notwithstanding, you may want to enable VPN to download from the sites for added security. Enough said, let's go to the list.

1. YouTube


But YouTube is a streaming service, can you download free movies from there? The answer is a BIG "YES." There are tens of thousands of complete movies uploaded to YouTube's free version, and you can download those movies using a YouTube Downloader app or software. There are also web-based YouTube video downloaders you can use across devices.

YouTube is one of the best and safest places to find full movies you can download for free. However, you definitely won't find new movies uploaded completely to YouTube; most likely, the full movies you'd see are movies from about three to five years ago. But then, most of those movies are blockbusters still worth watching over and again.

2. o2tvseries


O2TvSeries is another impressive website where you can download new movies, blockbusters, and trendy titles. It is a simple-to-navigate website that loads very fast across devices, thanks to the lightweight theme and interface design. The O2TvSeries is one of the most visited free movie download websites globally.

Unlike NetNaija, O2TvSeries is all about movies, series, and episodes. The website is designed in a way that you can choose to view movie titles by their initials. For example, you can select to view all movies that have their names starting with the letter "A" or any other letter down to "Z." There are other navigation options to find movies quickly.

3. FZ Movies

FZ Movies

FZ Movies is a renowned movie download website accessible globally without the need of a VPN. The website remarkably hosts over a hundred thousand movie files across all notable genres and classifications. You can easily find your way around the FZmovies website, thanks to the site's interface design.

Similar to the O2TVseries website, FZ Movies lists movies alphabetically and based on other classifications such as "Newest," "TV Series," and "Movie Industry." However, you'd have to deal with pop-up ads and redirections before you can download a movie from FZ Movies. But, you can download the mobile app and stream offline on your device.

What More?​

These are the best free websites to freely download various types of movies and series. Interestingly, most of these website offers recently released titles and there are thousands of movies to download. Know any other free movie download websites? You can mention them in this thread or point me to your personal favorites from this list.