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Best two free replacements for photoshop


New Techie
If you ever wanted to design something and needed a tool, there is honestly nothing that can beat photoshop, but it's expensive for most people outside of the USA and other richer countries.

So here are my two cents on this matter.

First, the version that you have to download, or the tool per se, GIMP. If you haven't seen gimp around yet but need a tool to work on your images then gimp is the tool for you.

It has almost all the features that photoshop has and it is 100 times better than paint. And you know what's the best part? They are free!

Yup free I said like our next tool.


Pixlr is a browser photoshop, and to be honest you will be surprised how good it is. It has a huge variety of tools that will help you design things!

I hope this helped you solve your problem.