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Divorced By Mistake: My Ex-wife Becomes a CEO Novel PDF Download/Reading Online

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Divorced By Mistake: My Ex-wife Becomes a CEO Divorced By Mistake: My Ex-wife Becomes a CEO Novel Synopsis

My husband Bill and his beautiful assistant Doris are laughing and eating like they're on a first date.
But the joke is on me... I'm here, Bill's wife, watching them from across the room, tending to my flat belly where a little life is now living.

Of course, Bill doesn’t know about the baby yet. The news is still fresh in my mind, barely a few hours old.
It is supposed to be a family dinner gathering, but I'm never the welcome one but an outsider.
Watching Bill take the steak cut and handed over by Doris, his young age best friend who knows him the best,
I guess I'm spoiling their fun by telling them now that I'm having a baby.
Three years of marriage, and his frequent absences from the family left me feeling overwhelmed and alone.

I've even forgotten the reason we got married. Maybe it was a mistake to begin with.
Finally, I made a decision. Divorce. But a man came along and shifted things dramatically.
And it didn't occur to me that this man was still deeply connected to bill's family. He was Bill's uncle.
Read on to find out more, thanksss....


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