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easy replace broken screen on htc android


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last time, I published a Case-Studies Tutorials, how you Can Replace any Cracked Screen on Blackberry z10 With some step by step guides written by a mechanical phone repair serviceman beside me. Today, he will be sharing with You on How you Can also Replace a broken and Cracked Screen on HTC android Phones. Let?s Dive in detalis.  Tools and parts needed for replacing the HTC One X screen: =>A Suction cup Tweezers Plastic. =>Opening pry tool and =>Small Phillips screwdriver.  HTC One screen replacement parts : =>1. Power the device off and remove the SIM card tray. =>2. Use the plastic opening pry tool and the suction cup to remove the rear housing from the panel of your htc android. =>3. After that, use the small Phillips screwdriver to remove 5 screws from the side of the htc android phone. =>4. Now Use the plastic opening pry tool to remove the internal top cover from the panel body from the htc android. =>5. The next step is to Use the small Phillips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws at the top part of the head layer. =>6. Now, what you have to do is to Disconnect the LCD screen flex cable, the side key and power button connectors. =>7. Lift up the battery and then disconnect 3 connectors you find at the panels. =>8. Use the tweezers to disconnect the antenna to remove it from the panel. =9. Ok. What Next? O MY?.I?VE FORGOTTEN THE NEXT STEPS..LOI! . Remove the motherboard with battery. =>10. Remove the vibrating motor with Navigation Light flex cable ribbon from same panel. Now only the screen assembly with front housing is left. What else is remaining?, Just use the tutorial at step 6 in a reverse way to replace the broken/ damaged screen with the working screen by connecting the lcd flex display and connectors.  IF YOU FIND THIS POST A BIT TECHNICAL. YOU CAN GET THE PDF MANUAL GUIDE FOR BLACKBERRY AND ANDROID REPAIR GUIDES AT http://www.otechguide.com/store/products/android-and-bb-repair