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Hello Obasi miracle, Kindly Meet me pls

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I am Michael Olufemi Odukoya, The CEO mifodwebriches forum based in Abeokuta.

I was busy looking for help and tips regarding my forum online and I stumble on four forum site, so I decided to join obasimvilla.com as a member.

I am also running a forum with SMF soft ware just like yours. And all effort to perfectly set and configure the forum platform at least like yours seems a bit tasking and hard for me.

Please for God sake, I will love to know you more and probably engage your service in assisting me to put some settings in place on the forum board.

I would be so happy as you HELP ME OUT. You may wish to give me your phone line pls for easy access.

Thanks in advance.

M.O. Odukoya
CEO mifodwebriches.com
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I checked your forum and managed to gather some review for your forum.  Your forum speed is okay but I recommend you add social media buttons in a visible place to enable your users to share and bookmark your pages easily, I also noticed that you do not have related post enabled in your forum, if enabled it will help reduce bounce rate. The blinking thrash is really distracting. My overall rating for your forum is 4/10 and please I would like to know how you got so much members to your forum, i'm really impressed by the number of users I saw.
creating a favicon is as easy as creating a new image file of 16*16 , renaming it with fav creator or any image editor to favicon.ico , then move it to your forum root directory replacing anyone there before , then clear your browser cache & cookies refresh to see your favicon displaying .

for instruction on how to add links to your header and footer check my reply to your initial post here https://forum.3ptechies.com/ask-the-gurus/help-on-domain/msg1096/?topicseen#new