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How to Book A Flight Online


While booking a flight online may seem second nature to some people, there are still some out there who are new to the process. My mom is still clueless as to how to purchase her airline tickets on the internet and I wrote this mainly for her and anyone else who is new to the process. Some people never fly until well into their adult lives and may not know how easy and cost saving it is to go through the process online rather than through a travel agency.
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Find a travel website that fits your needs. (I will include links at the end of this article.) You may want to try a few easy, free sites for booking airline tickets. Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, are a few sites to book discount tickets and can also include a car rental, hotel room, or other lodging needs all in one package.

For this example, I will choose Expedia, however, most online plane tickets sites are fairly similar in their booking process. Just follow along for easy and discount traveling.

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After you select the link to the website you want, on the homepage should be a box that says "Build your trip". You will want to select "flight" or if you are planning on adding a car or hotel select the appropriate box.

Next, you will select whether this plane ticket is going to be for one-way, round-trip, or multiple destinations. Most likely, you will want to select a "round-trip" airplane ticket. Then select the airport, travel dates, and any other info required. If you do not know the airport code just enter the best information you have (city, state) and it should give you the opportunity to choose from best matches. Once you have the flight information filled out, select the "search for flights" button.

Now you should be provided with a list of plane tickets to your destination. There should be two prices for each quote. The higher cost will be after charges and taxes; this is the amount you should reference.

Usually, it is listed in order of price with the cheapest plane tickets being listed first. Make sure the times are the ones that are right for you. Once you find the ticket you want, select "choose this departure".

Next, you will be brought to a list of plane tickets for your return flight. Again, select the one that matches your time and price choice. Be careful, depending on what return ticket you choose, your price may go up from the price quoted on your "to" ticket. The price on this "return" ticket will be your final price.

Once you have chosen your return ticket, you will then proceed through checkout by providing payment information. You may also be presented with the opportunity to choose your seats. You do this simply by clicking on an unoccupied seat of your choice from the plane diagram.

Now you are done with booking your flight online. You should now have an easy and affordable way to travel for your next vacation or business trip. Also, you will be able to print out and consult your itinerary available online. Good luck in your travels!

Tips & Warnings
Having flexible travel dates may provide you with a greater discount on your plane tickets.

If you have trouble online, just call the customer service number for assistance.

Before booking the flight, be sure the date is correct!