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How to Download Android to a Viliv S5


You can download a modified version of the Android operating system to the Intel-based Viliv S5 media and Internet device. Android is not designed to work on computer processing units that use the x86 architecture common for Windows-based computer, but it has been modified through the Android-x86 open-source project to be able to run on Intel chips such as the one within the Viliv S5. This is an experimental build of Android-x86, which is itself experimental, so not everything will work.

1. Browse to launchpad.net and type "Image Writer" into the search box. Download and install "Image Writer in Launchpad" from the available results.
2. Browse to sourceforge.net and type "Viliv S5" into the search box. Select "Android on viliv S5." Click the "Files" tab at the top of the screen and the "prebuilt_images" folder. Download one of the files.
3. Insert your USB drive into the computer. Return to the Win32 Disk Imager folder and double-click "Win32DiskImager.exe." Click the button next to the "Image File" box and browse to the location for the Android-x86 file you downloaded. Double-click the file to select it.
4. Choose the drive letter that corresponds to your USB drive from the drop-down menu on the right. Click "Write" to begin the process. This will format the USB drive, delete all of the data and make it into a bootable drive from which Android-x86 can be installed.
5. Close the Win32 Disk Imager program. Eject the USB drive from your computer and remove the drive from the USB port.
6. Power off your Viliv S5. Plug the USB hub into the USB input port on the left side of the device.
7. Turn on the Viliv S5 and press "F11" on the keyboard to boot from the USB drive. When the installation screen appears, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select "Installation - Install Android to Harddisk" and press "Enter."
8. Use the arrow keys to choose the partition on which you wish to install Android-x86. If you only have one partition, this will overwrite the Windows XP operating system on your Viliv S5.
9. Select whether you want to install an Android bootloader, typically you should do this, but note that it will not install boot items for Windows XP.
10. Select "Reboot" once the installation process is complete to relaunch your Viliv S5 with the Android-x86 platform.
Tips & Warnings

You can use the "Create/Modify" partition option to add another partition on which to install Android on your Viliv S5, but it must be in the same file format as the Windows XP partition.
If you dual-boot your Viliv S5 and Windows XP is on a Fat32 partition, you won't be able to save any data on your Android partition. You must have Windows XP installed on an NTFS file system for Android to be able to write data in a dual-boot setup.
When downloading from sourceforge.net, use the links at the top of the list to sort them by how recently they were modified. Typically an active project will have a nightly build that is used for testing and a stable build that was created prior to that.
This is highly experimental and could break your Viliv S5 beyond repair.

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