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How to Monetize Your Blog Using Coupon Ads


There are several things people don?t easily understand how to do when it comes to blogging, monetization being a huge part in these. While some bloggers don?t really need to get thousands of daily visitors to their blogs before they start making cool money from it, others can?t even manage to rake in a few cents from it after they must have been getting several thousands of visitors.
There are several ways to monetize a blog and using discount coupon promotion is part of them. I?ve actually done the same with my lunarpages and icontact blog and the results are positive. In this blog post, I?ll be sharing with you some tips that will help you make reasonable amounts of money from your blog by using coupon as a means of promotion.

Keep your readers by providing valuable contents

The first rule to monetize a blog is to have targeted blog readers. Your readers are your audience and they mean a lot to your blogging business. For example, if you have a large number of blog readers it?s obvious that you?ll rake in more sales from your products than when you have lesser audience.

You and I know that the only thing that helps you keep your blog readers is providing valuable information for them on your blog. When there is nothing new for them to benefit from on your blog they?ll definitely leave.

Promote related products

Sometimes, people are always complaining of low counts in terms of sales. This is majorly because there is a misconception in what bloggers see as having a product. That your blog has a vast amount of audience and readers doesn?t imply that they?ll jump at anything you promote to them.

Promoting your products by offering discount coupons requires you to understand what goes well with the type of market you are creating for your blog. You can?t expect readers of your blog to buy acne products from you when you are actively talking about iPhone.

Know the wants of your readers

After going through a marketing book, I decided that I must share a few things I learned from it about monetization with others and that is, focus on giving people what they want and you?ll see a lot of returns.

The most important thing in business in general is to know the wants of your readers. There is a big difference in people?s needs and what they want. People tend to place priority on what they want above what they need. That your readers need marketing courses doesn?t mean they?ll prefer it above product creation courses.

Target the wants of your readers and focus less on their needs and you will see your advertisement bringing in real value for your money.

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