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How to Post Simultaneously on Multiple Social Sites


So you?re too busy to go to every social site you?re on? Well, autoposting is the answer ? post once, and share without having to lift another finger. You can make this happen by using a social site?s applications, or with third-party applications that help you manage your social activities across one or several sites.

Social Network Applications

Many social networks offer their own apps for either pulling in or sharing content. For example, connect your blog to Facebook with Networked Blogs. Want to share Facebook posts with Twitter, use: facebook.com/twitter. Or use the Selective Tweets app to share only the posts you choose.

Be careful when connecting sites, however. You may run into a mirroring effect where you?ll create duplicate ? and annoying ? posts. For example, choose only one direction when going from Facebook to Twitter or visa versa.

Facebook doesn?t make it easy to find apps. You?ll need to research the ones you want, go to their Facebook pages, then add them from there. And when selecting apps, make sure you understand where the autoposts will end up ? whether that?s on your personal or business pages.
Third-Party Applications

These days, many companies are creating tools that are making socializing easier. For Tweeting, use third-party applications like, HootSuite, TweetDeck and SocialOomph. Their feature the ability to manage multiple profiles, schedule messages and tweets, monitor mentions and analyze traffic.

For business owners, there?s Sendible. Its features are similar, but you can manage many social media channels at once, staring at $29.99/month for up to 30 services. For more sophisticated palates, there?s SproutSocial for $39/month and Vitrue, which starts at $300/month.

Ping.fm is a free site that lets you post updates from anywhere to several social networks at once including Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Bebo, Blogger and more.


Need a simpler way to connect? Use the hastags #in or #li to selectively share Tweets with your LinkedIn status. Or use #fb for Facebook.
Business Users Take Note

According to a study by Applum in September 2011, automated messages to Facebook receive an average of 70% fewer likes and comments per fan. This is happening because Facebook is reducing the prominence of these posts and collapsing updates from the same applications. Likes and comments increase a post?s prominence in the news feed ? which drive more impressions and clicks ? so use manual posting if possible.

Remember Who You?re Talking To

If you decide to share your posts among different sites, be sure that what you write in one is appropriate for the other. In other words, share that joke on your Facebook personal page and it could end up on that business site you?re linking to. Awk?ward! Plus, consider the format. A longer post on Facebook will be truncated to 140 characters on Twitter.

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