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Interview: fix any phone that falls into water


New Techie
Recently, I Published a Case Study
Tutorial Post on how to How to
Replace Broken/Cracked Screen in
Blackberry z10 and Htc Android .
Today?s topic would be An
Interview (Questions and
Answers) Guides Between me
and a Neighbor who?s Phone
Accidentally Jumps Into Water, the
Basic Step-by-step Fixing Guides
to put you through Without
breaking the Bank Seeking for
Help From local Repair
This Case Studies Guide Will Not
Only Sound as an Interview
alone, But a Source of Solutions
for Handling Such Miscelleneous
Task Next Time You Encounter
this siltuation.
While this Interview Was Going
on, i acted as Mechanic and My
Neighbor Plays the Role as the
Help Seeker.
So, Without Further ado, let dive
in Details and Find how This
Neighbor(the Help Seeker)
Manages to fix Things up,
running Normal with his Phone
that Jumps Into Water While
Cooking in the kitchen.
Few Reason: I would not List any
Tool here Because doing so, You
might Find some Tool name
Aggresive that?s why i just go in
details. Any Tool you you find
Related to their Parts, Use them as
long as it Does/Meet your Needs.
Due to time savings, no need
going into Salutation and the rest,
but straight to the Major Points
Where Ideas are been Noted.
Help Seeker; Hey please, My
phone fell into Water this
Afternoon While In the Kitchen
(nokia 3310c), Please any help
regarding this?.
Mechanic: Well, The first thing
you have to do, Switch Off the
Phone, Remove the Batteries, Sim/
Mmc card(if any) and Placed the
Phone with it?s front-end facing
Upward the sun for heating the
Power Emulator Pin(PEI).
Help Seeker; As you suggested
earlier, I?v done that (Removing
the cards, and facing the front-
end to the sun) but still, fails to
power on, any Alternatives to this.
Mechanic: Sure, Get a DY Screw
Driver, De-assemble the Phone,
use a Medicated spirit, fuel With
any hard brush to clean the Panel
Surface then Placed the phone at
on-top of a hot pot on Fire with
the Screen facing Upward for
11-14 Minutes, then re-assemble
it and ride-on with it.
Help Seeker; I did actually as you
said, Cleaning the Entire Surface
with a Medilated Spirit and the
pot?s strategy. After that, it
Powered on but not all the
keypads are Working Normal, any idea on this?.

You can read the full conversations at http://www.otechguide.com/interview