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Personal Care of Lung?s Health: Avoiding Cancer


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Cancer can be in the form of many names. It can affect
even the smallest bone or muscle inside the human
body. According to statistics, the leading cause of
death in the majority of the population is lung
cancer. Believe it. It?s not a surprise that our ozone
layer is being destroyed by the chemicals and
pollutants that are surrounding the planet earth,
therefore it?s not impossible that whoever is living
within it can be affected 10 times more.

Lung cancer is a condition wherein there is
uncontrolled growth of cells that are malignant inside
a person?s lung. Persons who are most commonly
affected by this health problem are those belonging to
the age of 40 and above. Both sexes are of no
exception but this is more common in men.

One of the most common causes of lung cancer is
smoking. It is more precipitated by a person?s
lifestyle. Similar with drinking alcohol, smoking can
also be influenced by factors like friends, family,
and environment. Although lung cancer can be more
acquired because of passive smoking.

Passive smoking. Also known as second-hand smoking, is
the one contributing major factor why lung cancer is
prominent. Passive smoking happens when a person, who
is with someone who?s actively smoking, inhales the
smoke coming from the cigarette. It also occurs when
airborne pollutants like asbestos dust are inhaled.
Just by inhaling smoke coming out from a vehicle?s
muffler, you are prone to having a lung cancer.

True, sources of lung cancer are quite rampant but
there is no obvious preventive measure rather than
avoiding smoke. If you are a smoker, just stop
smoking. That will save you at least 7 minutes of your
life and live at least 7 minutes longer.

Obviously, the involved part of the body is the lungs.
Therefore, if you are experiencing signs and symptoms
which are turning severe and you know that you are an
active smoker, might as well take a quick visit to
your doctor and ask him the case of your problem. To
help you become more aware, here are the signs and
symptoms that a smoker or anyone can experience and
detect lung cancer.

- severe and permanent cough that produces sputum
flecked with blood. Cough, at the beginning, may just
like be any other cough but as it advances, the coughs
become more prominent and turns out as a burden. Your
chest will give out a painful and heavy feel.

- wheezing and chest pain. Everytime you?ll cough out,
there will be a wheezing sound that is also similar
with the sound that is produced when a person has
asthma. The sound will be heard clearly if placed
under a stethoscope.

- unexplained loss of weight.

- persistent cough that lasts for weeks or even

Bad news is, lung cancer cannot be treated whatsoever.
Although radiotherapy, chemotherapy and occasionally,
surgery can have the chance to lessen the malignant
cells inside the lungs but apart from that, there is
still no proven cure but divine intervention.
Pain-relievers can also be prescribed to relieve the
severe pain that is caused by the disease.

Lung cancer can be prevented only if people will
participate. Proper hygiene and a healthy lifestyle
can help you get through ignoring lung cancer.
Personal health care of your lungs is as important as
taking care of your heart.

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