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Personal Health Care: Avoiding Alcohol


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Alcohol is the universal drink whenever celebrations
or get together comes. Although it is considered as a
kind of chemical that has a formidable effect on the
body and it is not labeled as food. There are several
kinds of alcohol. There is alcohol that people use
externally and another that the body use internally.
Drinkable alcohol is ethyl alcohol. Fermentation is
the process that is used to make the alcohol that
people drink. Even though alcohol is widely drank by
almost everyone, there are several health
considerations on what alcohol can do to our body.

How does alcohol affect the body?

- If a person drank only a small amount of alcohol, it
can make him feel relaxed.

- If a person drank more than what is expected, there
may have certain alterations with the person?s
attitude and behavior. The person can do silly or
violent things and their movements become

Truth is, when a person drinks alcohol, no matter how
much the intake is, the only thing that is affected is
that person?s balance and coordination. That?s it. It
doesn?t affect the way people think and speak. When
alcohol goes into a person?s bloodstream, it slows
down whatever messages that are coming into the brain
because alcohol is a depressant drug. That?s why when
you feel depressed and you drink alcohol, you will
feel more depressed.

Alcohol affects the liver badly. Especially if you
made alcohol drinking as part of your everyday living.
When it goes to the system, it will take the liver
about 24-48 hours to excrete every single alcohol
inside the body. When the liver can no longer clean
the alcohol, it stays on the liver, thus diseases like
liver cirrhosis are produced.

There are several factors that can influence a person
to drink alcohol:

- Peer pressure. If you?ve chosen a group of friends
that drinks alcohol severely, it will seem that you?re
out of place if you didn?t try even a sip. As long as
you are within the group, you?ll start to enjoy the
taste of alcohol and want more.

- Socialization. Gathering and celebrations always
entail alcohol drinking. It is very seldom that you
encounter a party without alcohol.

- Curiosity. Kids often get curious with the way
adults drink alcohol. When they see their parents
drinking, they will ask themselves a lot of things.
And because the environment of laughter and cheers are
very inviting, there will come a time when they will
take the opportunity of trying too.

- Depression. Your boss hates you. Your girlfriend
dumped you. You?re completely broke. When you arrive
home, there, you see the three bottles of beer sitting
on top of your fridge. You grab it and start wondering
how your life can end at the very moment. During
sadness and melancholy times, a bottle of beer is your
only best friend.

Drinking alcohol can have its benefits and downfalls.
It can greatly affect a person?s entire being and the
way he deals with other people.

One very good benefit of alcohol is that it can dilate
blood vessels with the prescribed amount by the
doctor. Thus, increasing the amount of blood that
flows around the body which is good for the heart.
Realizing all the good and bad factors alcohol bring,
it would be safe to say that if you can?t avoid it
totally, then for your personal health care, drink
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