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Quick Heal for email spam on your primary email account


Active Techie
Many a times I have personally received request from users asking about the possibility of stopping those annoying daily email marketing campaigns , email spam and email virus .


All I could recommend for them was using email filters which you can easily create from your yahoomail, gmail , hotmail , outlookmail, mail.com & aolmail account settings page. But the risk of loosing few important mails containing those filtered keyword is definitely unavoidable so I told them to use a third party service like boxb that helps you to stop email spam by allowing only emails sent to you by people (and not bots ) to get to your important message (inbox) folder  after they have confirmed they are really humans via the auto-responding service provided by boxb.

But recently I stumbled upon this site that helps you use any name (fake email address) at all while dropping your email address on public forum (mail source of addresses for spammers ), Registering on ppc sites , ppt sites , ptr sites , hype sites , junk forums and social network .

With this service you can easily download any ebook , games , software , application , templates , themes , plugins etc that forces you to subscribe to their auto-responder / email subscription before downloading . You can even use this imaginary email addresses to register in fora, social network and any site that limits guest access thereby enjoying full access without risking your personal email address to thousands of spammers waiting to flood it with useless promotions and adverts .

Now to use this services all you need do is provide any fake name address of your choice while using the specified services eg. enter [email protected] (any useless thing at all) as your email address while signing up or dropping your email --> Then visit their site remembering the username you have already chosen above, just enter it  in the little box by the left to sign in to your inbox --->

No sign up / registration needed  you can also install their browser plugin to easily access your fake mail on the go.