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Top 10 Great Social Media Apps for iPhone and iPad


De Travel Guru
We all know that Social networks have become very popular lately, and developers have created a huge number of smartphone apps to support them and to make the virtual life of social media addicts much easier. The App Store holds hundreds of social media apps, and most likely you?ve already tried some of them ? almost all social media fans know about apps like Facebook, Skype, Twitter, HootSuite, Sociable and Meebo.

However, the same App Store can offer you many other social media apps that are less famous but still very good and easy to use. I decided to try some of the apps most of us haven?t even heard about and sort out the best ones among them. And here?s what I found:

1. Path

Path is a nice free app that lets you share your thoughts, current mood or the music you?re listening to with your friends. You can even use it to upload pics and videos and share them via your favorite social networks, or update your blogs and networks directly from this app.

Path supports an impressive number of languages including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish, and it?s a really useful app for the social media addicts all over the world.

2. Pair

Pair is a more romantic (if I can say so) app designed for couples ? it enables you to stay in touch with the one you love, share different things with each other, play Tic-Tac-Toe or even video chat. Since the app creates a timeline especially for two of you, everything will be private there ? nobody else will see what you?re posting or discussing. You can even use the app to do stupid but romantic things like touching the screen on the same spot. But it can also be used for more practical things like creating to-do lists or setting reminders for different things and dates.

3. Soundcloud

Most social networks and their apps give you the opportunity to share photos and videos, but there aren?t many that can enable you to share music or different noises. I guess Soundcloud was created to fill that space ? you can now record any sounds, noises or music and share it via your favorite networks. You can also like and comment the sounds posted by others ? that?s what makes this app more ?social?. And the best thing is ? you can download it for free.

4. Color Text Messages Lite

Color Text Messages Lite is a fun social media app that can help you send colorful text messages or updates to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and many other accounts. You can choose the text and background colors, different fonts and textures, and your text will really stand out thanks to this app. The app was available for $1.99 before, but right now you can download it for free.

5. Uface

Apple?s iTunes holds many apps that can make avatars for your social networking sites, and Uface is one of them. For only $0.99 it can create really nice and realistic avatars that look like pics drawn by professionals.

6. WeeMee Avatar Creator

Just like the previous app, WeeMee Avatar creator can help you make custom avatars for your social networks, but if the avatars created by Uface are black-and-white, as if drawn by a pencil, these ones are colorful and cartoon-like. The app can be downloaded for $0.99 and it includes more than 300 free items (like clothes, accessories, drinks, sports items and so on) that can help to make your avatar look more like you.

7. EasyTalk ? Free Text and Phone Calls

EasyTalk is the next app that will make your social life much easier ? it uses the address book of your Apple iPhone and Facebook?s friend list to create a custom contact list and give you the opportunity to send text messages and make calls for free. The only condition is ? your friend or contact should also have EasyTalk installed.

8. TiKL ? Touch to Talk

TiKL is one of the best social networking apps I?ve ever seen on iTunes ? it enables you to talk or text to a friend or a group of friends at once (via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, EDGE and GPRS), and the best thing is ? it?s completely for free and doesn?t even include any ads. The voice calls are perhaps the best thing this app offers, since there aren?t many free voice calling opportunities at the moment? unfortunately. Plus it works not only on iOS, but on other platforms as well, so you can use it to talk to your friends even if they have Android or BlackBerry devices.

9. TransFire IM

TransFire is one of the few instant messaging apps with real-time translated chat. Of course, no program can translate anything like a human translator would do, but still, if you get a message in a foreign language, you?ll at least be able to understand what you?re being told.

The app can work on Apple devices running iOS 4.0 and higher, and it?s available via iTunes for free.

10. LiveFamily

Most people use social networks to stay in touch with their friends. But communicating with the family members isn?t less important, that?s why LiveFamily, which is actually an extension of the Family Tree Facebook app, should be included in this list of the best social networking apps for your mobile phone and the iPad. With this app you can create an area where you can communicate with your relatives, share photos and statuses with them, be reminded of their birthdays and so on.
The best social media apps for iPhone and iPad are:

1. Facebook.
2. Messenger.
3. Tweetbot.
4. Twitterrific.
5. Instagram.
6. WhatsApp Messenger.
7. Snapchat.
8. YouTube
9. Pinterest
10. Telegram