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Trick to download YouTube Video with Operamini 5.2, to 7.0


Trick to download Youtube

videos using Opera Mini :::
No need to go to any external
link to download youtube
videos or no need to using
any other app, now you can
download videos directly
from youtube using Opera
Just go through the
following steps gradually and
carefully :
#Step 1 : Copy the following
java script

#Step 2 : Paste the script into
the address bar,
#Step 3 : Save it to Bookmark,

#Step 4 : Go
search for any video which
you like to download,
#Step 5 : After you have
determined the video that
you want to download, scroll
down to bottom page, click
on 'Desktop' to change
youtube page layout to
desktop mode,
#Step 6 : When the youtube
page layout will be changed
to desktop mode, zoom in,
#Step 7 : Now go to
Bookmark options and click
the bookmark that you have
already created,
#Step 8 : After loading is
complete you will see a
download option, click
'download', wait until loading
is complete. Select the format
in which you want to
#Step 9 : Its done.
Downloading will be started
in your desired format.