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trick to use netquin pro anti-virus free on your mobile phones, blackberry etc


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a user just shared this post on facebook h**ckers group and I felt it's a brillant idea sharing it here
Netqin Anti-virus scan, detect and kill viruses with their award-winning twin-engine (Cloud + Client) anti-virus scanning technology! Featured in the Anti-virus is the availability to protect the device with Cloud Computing Technology and real-time protection. Also included is a new Anti-lost feature and a full contacts backup system.

(1) Download and install Netqin Mobile Security(Anti-virus) from wap.netqin.com/en (for Nokia, Android, etc) or www.netqin.com/en (for Blackberry, Windows etc).

(2) Create a new Message Centre Number by going to your phone's Message Settings under message, Message centres. Use +234803 as a new centre no. & use it as your Default Centre no. & press Ok.

(3) Go back and click the Netqin to open, click Anti-virus, Update Anti-virus, Upgrade to Pro Member.
This will appear:
Welcome to Subscribe monthly Service... etc. The cost of the Monthly Service will be 100NGN. Subscribe now? Press Yes.(It'll try 2 send mssg to 33070 bt since u change d Centre no. It won't send).

(4) This message will appear:
Upgrade Successful. Customer Support: [email protected]

(5) Click Upgrade Anti-virus DB to get full protection.

Now, u've successfully install and activate your Netqin Anti-virus for life. Go back and change your Message Centre Number to normal. Follow the above steps each time it prompt for update. Please dont forget to share this.