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Wanna unlock / Reset your nokia security code to 12345? Read this


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Install the latest version of Nokia PC/Ovi Suite and NSS & connect your phone to your computer with a USB data cable. (always use ovi / pc suit mode) =>Launch NSS & scan for devices using the scan Icon ==>Click the "Phone Info", and then click "Scan" button. It will display the details of the very phone you wanna unlock. => Select "Local" under Power mode . Then click "Change". Your phone will immediately restart automatically =>from "Local Mode" across the screen of your phone Under Production Data Edit, => Locate and click the "Read" button. =>Beside the Product Code, check the "Enable" check box. Then click "Write" button. => From this point now select "Tools" on top. And then click the "Factory Settings" tab at the bottom. =>chooose "Full Factory" and then click "Reset" button. => To complete the whole process go back to "Phone Info", select "Normal" under Power Mode, and click "change".

Hurray ur security code has now been changed to 12345.


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This is similar to a method i read in a blog sometimes back though I have it posted in a notepad
Install Nokia Pc Suite, connect your phone to the computer with USB Data Cable and select PC Suite or Nokia Suite when it asks for connection mode.
Launch Nokia Service Software Pro (NSS Pro).
Click the "Read Info" button and your phone details will be displayed beside it.
Click "Test Mode" at the downward path of the NSS Pro interface.
This step will reboot your phone. Hit the right arrow button. Your phone should reboot.
Click "Factory Settings" and select "Full Factory" at the drop down menu.
7. Now, click on the "Reset".

now ur security code should 've been changed to 12345.


It wount work..because u av to unlock d phone from security befor selecting nokia pc suit


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