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A Halloween treat for Linux and Mac users: CrossOver is free today


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Whatever your take on the relative proportions of the desktop market accounted for by Mac and Linux users, the fact remains that there are still an awful lot of applications out there that target Windows.

One solution for getting Windows software to run on these other platforms is the free and open source Wine compatibility layer, as I noted when Wine 1.4 was released earlier this year.

Another option?as I also noted back then?is CrossOver, a paid version of the software that's available with support from CodeWeavers. Normally, CrossOver is priced at $59.95 with 12 months of email support and upgrades and one free phone support incident.

This year, however, Halloween is Linux and Mac users' lucky day, because just for today, CodeWeavers is giving out its CrossOver product for free.
12 months of support

To get a free copy of CrossOver Mac or CrossOver Linux complete with 12 months of support and product upgrades, participants need only visit CodeWeavers? promotional website by 11:59 pm Central U.S. time on Halloween night.

The move follows up on a promise made by the company earlier this year, when it launched its Flock the Vote challenge seeking 100,000 people to pledge to vote in the 2012 presidential election. Though that didn't end up happening, CodeWeavers CEO Jeremy White on Monday launched the giveaway anyway, as explained in the accompanying press release.

CodeWeavers held a similar campaign back in 2008.

Existing customers can get an extra 12 months' worth of support from the offer, CodeWeavers says. Hurricane Sandy survivors, meanwhile, get a dedicated offer with an extended deadline.
No more excuses

Bottom line? If you're on Mac or Linux but yearn for a few select Windows apps?or, worse, if those apps are holding you ?hostage? on Microsoft's platform against your will?now's your chance to get this popular software for free.

Particularly with the addition of support, it's a pretty sure bet you'll be up and running in no time on the platform of your choice.
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