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Download Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice) Book 1 and 2


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You can read or download Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice) Book 1 and 2 on this page. This short and complete novel story is written by Ifeoma Isabella Okeke, and it's a super interesting love story that'd make you wanna read more. This novel story, just like My Billionaire Mom, is fully completed: Hence, there's no waiting for new chapters upload. The Book 1 of Forbidden Love is sub-titled The Ultimate Sacrifice, while Book 2 is sub-titled My Rae Of Light. You can download this novel PDFs by clicking on the book chapters attached below.

Download The Ultimate Sacrifice Book 1 and 2Forbidden Love (The Ultimate Sacrifice) Novel Synopsis​

Hell can't hold him, demons can't stop him, the gods can't scare him, and Love.....ha love can't bind him. In a school filled with all types of Supernaturals (Vampires, witches, wolves, fairies, etc), everyone is afraid of the Millennium Wolf Prince (Jason), all Alphas Wolf obeyed him. Rae a new student who was transferred to the school, fall in love with Jason who doesn't even notice her, unknown to her, she was the last mermaid and a half-demon. She doesn't know who are parents are and her grandmother forbids her from speaking of them. Something happened which made Jason started seeing Rae in a new light.

Jason has just two rules. Rule 1, Don't mess with him
Rule 2, Follow rule 1


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