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A BlackBerry phone is dedicated
to supplying the user with a
constant and secure connection
to one or more e-mail accounts.
BlackBerry services comes in
two flavors, BlackBerry Internet
Services and BlackBerry
Enterprise Solution. Additionally,
phones support access to the
internet or intranet and a full
scope of attachment viewing.
BlackBerry Internet Services
BlackBerry Internet Services
allows access to up to 10 work
and personal e-mail accounts,
plus an optional, new BlackBerry
email address that comes with
your BlackBerry phone.
You can browse websites and
use instant messaging just as
you would on your desktop
It is possible to access to your
calendar, address book, task and
memo pad information and
import the contacts from your
existing desktop organizer
software through
synchronization with a PC.
BlackBerry Enterprise
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
maintains a constant wireless
synchronization of e-mail,
contacts, calendar, tasks and
other information of your
account on your corporate
Intranet web sites and
applications are accessible via
the browser.
Wireless Modem
A dial-up connection can be
made using a BlackBerry phone
as a modem. You can tether a
BlackBerry to your computer
and connect to the internet
through the BlackBerry.
This can be realized using the
bluetooth dial-up profile if the
phone supports this, or with the
USB cable.
Install the latest BlackBerry
Desktop Manager. If you use
BlackBerry Enterprise Solution
at work and want to use a
different PC or laptop for the
dial-up connection, then
choose the BIS Installation of
the Desktop Manager on that
PC / laptop. The drivers that
allow the BlackBerry to
communicate through the
USB port and virtual COM
ports are installed. The
Standard Modem, which is
used by dial-up networking,
is also installed.
Make sure that you can use
the internet browser on the
BlackBerry itself.
If you are using BlackBerry
Enterprise Solution, do not
activate the policy "Disable
IPmodem" setting on the BES
The following illustrates the
steps in Windows XP with
Service Pack II to use the
BlackBerry as a tethered modem
via USB. Successfully tested with
the BlackBerry 9800, BlackBerry
8820, BlackBerry 9780,
BlackBerry 9520, BlackBerry
8700, BlackBerry 8330,
BlackBerry 9300, BlackBerry
Torch, BlackBerry 9650,
BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry
Storm, BlackBerry Pearl.
Start the BlackBerry Desktop
Manager and connect your
BlackBerry with the USB cable.
On installing the Desktop
Manager, the Standard Modem
will appear in the Device
Manager as follows:
(If the Standard Modem does
not appear, re-install the
Desktop Manager.)
If the Standard Modem still does
not appear, it is necessary to
manually add the modem.
Take note of the COM port
numbers of the RIM Virtual
Serial Port v2 in the devices
under Ports (COM & LPT).
In the Control Panel go to Phone
and Modem Options.
Choose to add a New Modem.
Choose to select it from a list.
Select the Standard 33600 bps
Select the COM ports that are
used for the RIM Virtual Serial
Port v2 in the Device Manager.
One or more Standard 33600
bps Modems will appear in the
Device Manager.
In the case of using bluetooth
to make the dial-up connection a
" Standard Modem over
Bluetooth" will appear in
modem devices.
Open the Properties dialog box
by right-clicking the modem in
the Device Manger.
Go to the Diagnostics tab.
Click on Query Modem. It
should answer with a number
of responses.
In the Advanced tab fill in the
dial-string in the Extra
Initialization Commands.
In this case "internet" is the
Access Point Name of the
network provider.
Here are some other examples
of dial-strings:
Cingular Blue/AT&T:
Cingular Orange:
UK Vodafone:
T-Mobile NL:
This completes the installation
of the modem.
Now the dial-up connection has
to be made.
Dial-up Connection
In Control Panel go to Network
Choose Create a New
Choose to Connect to the
Choose to Set up the
Connection Manually.
Choose to Connect using a
dial-up modem.
If there are multiple modems to
choose from, select the modem
that connects to the BlackBerry.
Choose an Name for the
Type in the phone number *99#.
Only fill in a User name and a
Password if required by the by
the network provider.
A new connection is made!
Choose Dial to make a
connection (no user name or
password entered if not
necessary by the network
The connection is being made....
To end the connection, right-
click on the connection icon and
choose Disconnect.
Here are some errors that may
appear when dialing the
Error 734 BlackBerry
"Error 734: The PPP link control
protocol was terminated."
Error 651 BlackBerry
"Error 651: The modem (or other
connecting device) has reported
an error."
Error 692 BlackBerry
"Error 692: There was a
hardware failure in the modem
(or other connecting device)."
To resolve this, check to see if
the dial-string is entered
correctly in the Extra
Initialization Commands.
Check that the Access Point
Name in the dial-string
corresponds to the Access Point
Name of the network provider.
Alternative to making a dial-
up connection:
If the phone does not support
the use as a modem it is also
possible to purchase a third
party application by the name
of Shark Modem.
In the case of BlackBerry
Solution, this also allows access
to the Intranet via the
Blackberrys dial-up connection!